legal name  edward james killien, IV. professional name  killien james birthdate / age  july 27, 1977 / 40 birthplace  hickman, nebraska residence  nebraska & los angeles occupation  actor relationship status  george clooney 4eva family
edward james killien, III.
annemarie wagner killien
a clan of nieces and nephews
pets  one cat named springsteen
Zoe Linsley was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. As the first child for Constance Delacroix, and the only daughter for Joe Linsley, she was spoiled from the start. Constance, an heiress to a hotel fortune, had a bit of a wild streak in her youth and decided to follow her favorite band as they toured the country. As luck would have it, Joe caught sight of the leggy blonde and the pair were involved in a passionate love affair for two crazy months before Constance's parents summoned her back to New York. It was soon after Constance learned she was pregnant. It was a bit of a scandal among the blue bloods of the Upper East Side, but on March 15, 1988, Constance gave birth to Zoe Anne-Marie Delacroix-Linsley, with Joe at her side. The pair attempted a relationship for the sake of their daughter, but soon realized they were not a match. Since Joe was almost always busy with work, Zoe stayed with her mom. Joe visited whenever possible until his career slowed down and Zoe was old enough to make the trip to Los Angeles on certain holidays and over the summer.

As a child, Zoe had everything she could have ever wanted or needed. She had the best clothes, toys, she went to the best schools, and had the best tutors if she struggled. It was clear from the beginning that Zoe was going to grow up to be a bit of a wild child, but most people excused her behavior and remarked that between both her parents, at least she got it honest. The one thing Zoe did excel at was art. She enjoyed painting and sketching most of all, and by the time she was entering high school, she'd decided she wanted to be a fashion designer. However, as she entered high school, Zoe also decided she liked to part. A lot. It started during her summers in Los Angeles, hanging out with other children of musicians or actors and going to any party they could find. If they were denied entry? They'd simply sneak in. As her behavior worstened, Constance and Joe made the decision to keep her time in Los Angeles to a minimum because she only ever got into trouble when she was visiting her father, which was a source of many fights between her parents.

Her good behavior in New York was short lived, and by her senior year of high school, Zoe had become well known on the party circuit there as well. She was photographed many times stumbling out of a club on a school night and became the source of quite a bit of gossip. It was after one particularly crazy night where Zoe was photographed with drugs that her parents gave her an ultimatum: clean up her act and go to college, or get cut off completely. Zoe wisely chose to get herself back on the straight and narrow. By some miracle she graduated high school with good enough grades to be accepted to Parsons, the New School for Design and a few short years later, she graduated.

Instead of trying to find work, or even trying to work on her own fashion line, Zoe fell back into old habits of partying hard. She wasted a couple years before she realized that she wanted to actually use her degree and try to get a fashion line started. Thanks to the connections of her parents, she was able to start a small lingerie line.

In the media Zoe is perceived mostly as just another socialite famous for being famous, though she's seen as the cool girl you want to be friend rather than a vapid drama queen. When Zoe's name is mentioned, more people remember the time she was photographed with alcohol and cocaine than the relatively successful fashion line she's created. Zoe plays the part of New York's It Girl very well, and though a part of her wants to change that, a bigger part isn't so sure about that particular uphill battle.
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